James Rey Sanchez

I emerged from a humble home in Santa Maria, California, where my love for art came from countless hours of reading comics, playing video games, and 90's Saturday morning cartoons. After obtaining my general ed at a local community college I moved to the big city of San Francisco in search of following my dreams through schooling. I am currently doing freelance art after graduating from the Academy of Art University, with a BFA in Visual Development.

My art is very uniquely stylized and narrative driven. Focusing on the beauty of simplistic design that evokes emotion and begs for life. I am also in pursuit of making my own children's books. 

Focused and obsessed are two words that describe me the best when it comes to my passion for simple and energetic design. My art is vivid and unique and I look forward to show the gaming and animation worlds what I can do with my fluid style, expressive characters, and beautiful colors.

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