James Rey Sanchez

James grew up in a humble home in Santa Maria, California, where his love for art first began from countless hours of reading comics, playing video games, and 90’s Saturday morning cartoons. As a kid and into adult hood he would travel America with his Grandpa camping across the 50 states and growing ever inspired by the beauty of the land and towns he visited. James graduated from the Academy of Art University, with a BFA in Visual Development, studies in Children Book Illustration, and top honors. He started his career in the animation world with Class Dojo and soon transitioned to creating Picture Books. Sanchez’s art is uniquely stylized, focusing on the beauty of simplistic design that evokes emotion, and color that expresses his heritage more than words can. James loves spending time traveling the world and finding new things that inspire him and sipping on a Mexican Mule every now and then.

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